Coiled Tubing services
We provide services using coiled tubing, using the most modern equipment, throughout Russia. Our production and technical service bases are located in Western Siberia.

• Post hydraulic fracturing development (flushing and nitrogen development)
• Liquidation of hydrate-paraffin plugs and well thawing
• Flushing and cleaning of the bottom hole without killing the well
• Isolation of behind-the-casing flows in horizontal wells and BGS
• Installation of cement bridges and liquidation of wells, liquidation of individual perforation intervals
• Cased Hole Cement Drilling and Deepening with Open Hole Completion
• Fishing operations inside the tubing, inside the casing
• Logging in horizontal wells and BGS
• Chemical treatment of the bottomhole zone (acids, solvents, alkalis)
• Selective stimulation of the reservoir
• Development of foam systems
• Development of wells with nitrogen, with production of nitrogen by membrane complexes at the work site. Nitrogen can be used to test pipelines
• Hydrosandblast perforation