History of creation
Integra-Drilling, Nizhnevartovsk
In 2006, the First National Drilling Company (PNBC, Izhevsk) was renamed Integra-Drilling LLC, to which several drilling and well repair companies were joined – Drilling Company - North (Nyagan), Argillit (Nizhnevartovsk) and Integra-KRS (Nyagan). Currently, the company is part of the Integra Group of Companies as a business unit. Integra-Drilling LLC provides services for the construction of oil and gas wells and engineering services, as well as project management in the field of drilling and development. To date, Integra-Drilling LLC employs 12 drilling crews.
Operating drilling rigs of Integra-Drilling LLC:
The project "NNP"– 2ed. (BU-3200 EUK-1M, BU-3200 EUK-2M);
The project "Samotlor" – 5ed. (BU-3200 EUK-1M, BU-3200 EUK-1M, BU-3000 EUK, BU-3200 EUK-2M, BU Soilmec MR 7000), one drilling rig BU-3000 EUK is involved in advanced installation;
Megion Project – 5 weeks (MBU ZJ-20 – 2 weeks, MBU ZJ-30 – 2 weeks, MBU TZJ-20);
Number of employees - 664 people;
12 drilling teams (№1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 19, 29).
The entire staff of Integra-Drilling LLC is trained and certified according to the requirements of Rostechnadzor and Customers. The company also has all the necessary certificates and licenses
Company profile
Integra-Drilling LLC provides services for the construction of wells, including ultra-deep, horizontal and ZBS (including on autonomous projects).
The park of drilling equipment consists of drilling rigs of various lifting capacities, there are mobile drilling rigs, installations of block-modular design, installations for cluster drilling of wells. Depending on the requirements of the project, drilling rigs are equipped with an upper drive system, a closed circulation system with a four-stage system for cleaning and processing the solution, high-power triplex pumps.
There is experience in the construction of wells both on a separate service and "turnkey". To date, Integra-Drilling LLC is one of the leaders in the region in the field of well construction (production and exploration wells with a depth of up to 8000 m., with a displacement of more than 3200m. and a horizontal section length of more than 2000 m.) and ZBS of various complexity: directional, horizontal and multi-barrel wells.
Assessing the main requirements of Customers to contractors and to the quality of work, as well as analyzing the capabilities and technical equipment of competing organizations, we can say that Integra-Drilling LLC occupies one of the leading places in the market for providing services for drilling wells and cutting side shafts.
Geography of works
To date, the geography of the company's services is mainly represented in the KhMAO region. Fields of PJSC Slavneft-Megionneftegaz (Aganskoye, Zapadno-Ust-Balykskoye, Tailakovskoye, Zapadno-Asomkinskoye, Novo-Pokurskoye, Ostrovnoye, Severo-Ostrovnoye, Achimovskoye, Chistinnoye, Ketovskoye, Pokamassovskoye, Lokosovskoye, Vatinskoye, Severo-Pokurskoye, Megionskoye, Lugovoye)
Fields of PJSC NK Rosneft (Samotlorskoye, Kolik-Yeganskoye, Khokhryakovskoye, Van-Yeganskoye, Severo-Tamarginskoye).
The Main Customers are PJSC Slavneft-Megionneftegaz (PJSC Gazpromneft), JSC Samotlorneftegaz, PJSC Varioganneftegaz (PJSC NK Rosneft)
Integra-Drilling LLC has at its disposal a production service base located in Nizhnevartovsk 32 km of the Samotlor highway. The base has equipped facilities for servicing all types of drilling and field equipment. At the base there is equipment for fishing operations, tools for working with pipes. There are also repair shops to maintain the entire fleet of equipment in working condition.
Base and production facilities
The following buildings are located on the territory of the production service base of Integra-Drilling LLC in Nizhnevartovsk:
  • a single-storey office building with a total area of 432.1 m2. Departments of the following services are located in this office: the management of the base, the tool platform, the OT, PB and OOS service, the central warehouse.
  • RMM, single-storey with a total area of 4493.2 m2. The following repair sites are located on the territory of the RMM: a rolling repair shop for drilling equipment, a site for maintenance of drilling equipment, a site for maintenance of cleaning systems equipment, a site for maintenance of anti-blowout equipment, a site for repair and maintenance of mobile drilling rigs, a rolling repair shop for electrical equipment, a site for repair of instrumentation and control equipment, a repair and construction site, central warehouse, tool platform.
  • The covered warehouse is one-storey, with a total area of 600 m2. This warehouse is intended for storage of repaired drilling equipment and large-sized inventory items of the central warehouse.
The production area of RMM consists of the following sections:
  • turning, welding, drilling equipment maintenance, air defense maintenance, cleaning system maintenance, electrical equipment repair, repair and maintenance of mobile drilling rigs, instrumentation equipment repair.
All equipment is in good condition.
The welding site is equipped with a stationary DC source VDM-1200 – 2 units and a portable portable inverter "Prestige" - 1 unit, as well as a gas cutting station – 2 sets. The welding area is equipped with a forced air ventilation system.
The site for air defense maintenance, cleaning system equipment maintenance and drilling equipment maintenance is equipped with the necessary lifting mechanisms.
The RMM is also equipped with racks for storing spare parts and parts.
On the territory of the RMM, an area has been allocated for a Central warehouse. The warehouse is also equipped with racks. There are stands for running–in after repair of horizontal slurry pumps, vacuum degassers, centrifuges, screw pumps, a stand for calibration and running-in of technological V-belts in the range of 8000 - 10000mm., a stand for air defense crimping.
Works performed on the basis of
The production capacities of the base allow repairs of the following drilling equipment:
  • UNB-600 drilling pumps (except for restoration of hydraulic boxes, transmission shafts, restoration of KSM seats on the pump body)
  • Drilling winches LBU-1200K
  • Gearboxes KPC-700
  • Horizontal slurry pumps of all types and manufacturers
  • Vertical slurry pumps VSHN-150
  • Vibrating screen Swaco Mongoose PT, Swaco ALS-II, Derrick 503
  • Vortex hydraulic mixing funnels
  • Sieve-hydrocyclone installations Swaco, Derrick
  • Vacuum degassers ICE-III, Cascade-40
  • Vacuum pumps VVN-1-12
  • Screw pumps "Nemo", "Flight"
  • Centrifuges Swaco 518, Derrick DE-1000, Flight, Alfa-Laval, OGSH-503 (except major repairs)
  • Screw conveyors
  • Drilling keys AKB-3, AKB-ATT, AKB-4
  • Hydraulic keys GKSH-1500MT, GKSH-1500MK, GKSH-4000, Weatherford 16-25, ZQ-162, ZQ-203, TQ-178, TQ-340
  • Hydraulic spiders CNG-75, CNG-160
  • Anti-blowout equipment manufactured by "VBT", "VMZ-Engineering".
  • Screw compressors "Storm-0600", "Storm-0650", "Storm-1000", "DAN-45SHM", "DAN-11SHM", "Atlas Copco GA-37"
  • Auxiliary winches LV-15, LV-44, etc.
  • PKR-560, PKRO-560
  • PRS-360 cylinders and other equipment.