ESG The main reports, policies and indicators on sustainable development (ESG) are available at the links:

The main areas of work of Integra Management LLC in ESG practice:
- improvement of corporate governance;
- energy saving;
- reduction of environmental impact;
- increasing social responsibility.

Reducing the risks of negative climate change and environmental pollution
In the medium term, the main contribution to reducing the risks of negative climate change and reducing environmental pollution is achieved in the following areas:
- supporting the energy saving policy aimed at reducing the amount of fuel and energy resources used while maintaining the corresponding beneficial effect of the Company, developed and consistently implements measures that include reducing electricity consumption in buildings, structures. Use of LED devices. Moving away from incandescent lamps, fluorescent to LED. Work of street lighting with a time sensor. The use of loading transformer power is not lower than specified. The use of a control system for heating elements, automated control of the boiler room. Control of modes and terms of verification of electric energy meters. Maintenance of regulators, surfaces of heat exchangers in working condition;
- maintaining the standard level of wastewater treatment through the implementation of a set of water protection measures aimed at ensuring MPC in full compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation.

ESG events for 2021
As part of the work to reduce ESG risks and improve sustainability information disclosure in 2021:
planned indicators for environmental activities:
- reduction in the specific emission of pollutants into the atmosphere during the operation of the vehicle by 0.1%;
- ensuring zero volume of discharge of polluted insufficiently treated wastewater;
at the same time, no incidents that caused significant environmental damage or loss of life were registered at the facilities of Integra Group of Companies in 2021;
in order to strengthen social responsibility in relation to employees, create conditions for long-term and effective labor relations, the personnel management policy is constantly improved and measures are taken to ensure:
- stable, fair and decent wages;
- development, training and advanced training of personnel;
- health protection and insurance of employees;
- safety of workplaces and reduction of risks of occupational injuries of workers;
- development of physical culture and sports in labor collectives, maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Plans for the development of work in the field of ESG
The Company plans to provide and disclose information on sustainable development to investors, analysts, ESG agencies and other stakeholders, taking into account the current Russian regulation on the disclosure of non-financial indicators and the growing attention of regulators to disclosure of information on sustainable development issues.

The Company plans to inform the investment community and interested users in detail about the results of work in the field of sustainable development, to analyze incoming proposals based on the results of discussions of these issues with representatives of the investment community and stakeholders.
Integra Management LLC, being a Company that includes groups of managing companies, builds its relations on the following principles:
  • responsible attitude to the environment (E - environment);
  • high social responsibility (S - social);
  • high quality of corporate governance (G - governance).
In order to reduce the risks of the Company's activities in the field of ecology, social responsibility and corporate governance, management is actively working to develop and improve existing practices in the field of sustainable development and improve disclosure of information on this issue.