Currently, the enterprises of the Integra Group are integrating the activities for the purchase of materials and equipment on the B2B-Integra electronic trading platform as part of cooperation on the basis of the B2B-Center ETP.
Dear colleagues, current and potential business partners!
Thank you for your interest in the implementation and procurement procedures of Integra Group.

We invite you to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation and express our interest in building transparent and respectful business relations.

This section provides general information on the selection of suppliers of goods / services for Integra Group and its managed companies.

Integra Group reserves the right to accept or reject any technical and commercial proposal, or reject all proposals at any time, up to the signing of the Agreement, does not bear any responsibility to the tender participants whose interests were affected, and also does not bear any obligation to inform bidders of the reasons for such actions.

All expenses incurred by tender participants in the preparation of their technical and commercial tender proposals shall not be reimbursed.
Dear partners, in order to maintain a high level of trust in Integra Group, comply with business ethics standards, as well as prevent and suppress cases of corruption and other abuses, the Company has a Conflict and Claims Commission that receives and considers complaints, claims about a possible violation of the selection procedure supplier/buyer.

You can send your requests by filling out the appropriate form

You can also send an appeal, in .pdf format, to the mail KPK@integra.ru