SIAM Company LLC has been operating on the market since 1990, having achieved a leading position in the market of equipment and services for hydrodynamic and geological field research of wells. The company is part of the Integra Group of Companies, which is rightfully considered the leading integrated oilfield services company in Russia and the CIS countries.

Services/Well Research
Integra offers a wide range of well research services:

  • Hydrodynamic studies of wells.
  • Geological and field studies of wells.
  • Disposal of well products by complete smokeless incineration.
  • Development of wells through a separation unit and long-term GDIS.
  • Pilot operation of wells in conditions of full autonomy.
  • Preparation of borehole products up to commodity characteristics (GOST) with the possibility of shipment.

Hydrodynamic studies of wells:

  • Hydrodynamic and geological field studies of wells.
  • Measurement of the flow rate and flow rate of wells, including multiphase measuring units based on a Venturi tube.
  • Mastering and recording GDIS/GIS using a jet pump.
  • Installation and maintenance of permanent well monitoring systems.
  • Tracer studies, including with MGRP.

Determination of residual oil saturation SWCTT

  • Services of field and research chemical-analytical laboratory.

Hydrodynamic studies are carried out on the entire well stock to clarify the geological structure of the formation in the well drainage zone (establishing geological inhomogeneities and reservoir boundaries), determining the filtration characteristics of the formation, assessing changes (contamination) of filtration properties in the bottom-hole zone, evaluating the energy properties of the formation.
The SIAM company, a member of the Integra Group of Companies, has been operating on the market since 1990, having achieved a leading position in the provision of services and equipment for hydrodynamic and geological field studies of wells. In addition, SIAM performs a wide range of technological operations under the control of the fund, as well as resource-intensive operations for long-term operation of wells, production and preparation of well products in full autonomy.
To date, SIAM is one of the most popular companies in the field of implementing Early Production Technology (Turbojet) for the assets of Gazpromneft. The technical and production potential of the company is the basis for continuous growth and development both from the technology side and from the client-oriented side of the Company, while fulfilling the entire set of requirements of Legislation and internal regulations of subsoil User companies.
Recently, trends in digitalization have been actively developing in the industry, the current level of technology development allows us to actively introduce developments into production processes, optimize them and get added value from each ton of oil produced. SIAM is actively involved in creating innovative products and services that meet the highest standards in the industry. Such a product can include a "Digital Deposit": a software and hardware complex that includes downhole and wellhead sensors for monitoring well operation parameters, as well as high-tech full-flow measuring installations and equipment for related technological operations, including the preparation of well products to market characteristics.
All the equipment is manufactured by SIAM independently, has extensive mobility possibilities due to the block-modular design, which allows to carry out preparatory work at the field in a short time and quickly produce the result in the form of an array of data and extracted products. To process an array of data, the company has its own software package that allows the collection, storage and processing of GDIS data. The company's specialists have created their own software for interpreting GDIS data (SIAM WELL TEST), conducted its industrial testing by specialists of oil companies, received positive feedback. Currently, the software is being improved and its functionality is being expanded. Our own developments and the high level of professionalism of SIAM specialists allow us to implement complex high-tech projects.
The company performs research for Customers all over Russia. The geography of activity includes more than 10 branches and production sites of service units in Western and Eastern Siberia, the European part of Russia and in the south of the country, as well as on Sakhalin.

Geological and field studies of wells

Field studies of wells are carried out at the production and injection wells of the operational fund to solve the following tasks:

  • technological control of the well operation and evaluation of the operation of elements of underground equipment;
  • to control the production of reservoirs during the displacement of oil or gas;
  • assessment of the state of well production in the working well bore;
  • technical control of the well condition, clarification of the position of structural elements.

Geophysical well surveys (GIS)

Integra provides all types of well geophysical survey (GIS) services:

  • Logging in an open and columned borehole.
  • Research on cattle and control over the development of deposits.
  • Geological and technological research (GTI) and gas logging.
  • Blasting and emergency work.
  • Interpretation of logging data.

To perform geophysical studies in the open bore of drilling wells, integrated modular digital downhole equipment "LOGIS" and "MEGA" is used, which allows logging in one descent. In wells with horizontal completion, geophysical studies are carried out using ALMAZ-2 AMC and equipment manufactured by Neftegazgeofizika (Tver), the complexes work offline with delivery on drill pipes. Research at the cattle and on the control of the development of deposits is carried out on a conventional and "hard" cable, GNKT. The company uses a wide range of certified products from leading manufacturers of perforating systems, such as "DYNA Energetics", "Perfotech", "Promperforator", "Bashvzryvtechnology", "VNIPIvzryvgeofizika", etc. Geological, technological and geochemical studies are carried out using the GEOTECH data collection, processing and analysis complex.
All geophysical equipment and equipment regularly undergo metrological verifications and tests, meet the requirements of current quality standards.

Services/Design, monitoring and optimization of field development

Integra offers the following engineering services for the design and monitoring of field development:

  • Field prospecting and exploration projects.
  • Feasibility study (TPP) for the acquisition of new power plants.
  • Calculations (operational recalculations) of hydrocarbon reserves.
  • Project documents for the development of deposits.
  • Regulations and methodological guidelines.
  • Calculations of water reserves and project documents.

Analysis and optimization of field development

  • Creation and adaptation of geological and hydrodynamic models, including work on petrophysics and seismics.
  • Analysis of the current state of development of hydrocarbon deposits, production of reserves.
  • Localization of residual reserves based on geological and field analysis and geological and hydrodynamic modeling.
  • Comprehensive program to improve the system of field development, additional extraction of hydrocarbon reserves.

The engineering division of Integra performs analytical work, the main objectives of which are to increase the efficiency of subsurface use, increase the oil recovery coefficient and obtain additional oil production.