Policy in the field of labor protection, industrial safety and environmental protection.
We operate globally and bring together thousands of people to provide drilling, geophysical, and oil and gas equipment manufacturing services.
We attach great importance to the issues of ensuring safe working conditions, health, industrial safety and environmental protection (hereinafter referred to as Safety) at all enterprises of the Integra Group of Companies. We view Safety activities as an integral part of our business and, at the same time, as our contribution to the sustainable development of society.
Integra considers the protection of the life and health of its employees and the protection of the environment to be of paramount importance.
LLC "Integra-Burenie", in 2019, took 1st place among 11 contractors providing services for drilling production wells and sidetracks in the licensed areas of PJSC "SLAVNEFT-MEGIONNEFTEGAZ"
Competition "Eco-Leader" - determination of the best organization for equipping a rotational residential camp and production processes, in the field of environmental protection.
Our values:
  • all accidents and accidents can be prevented;
  • to ensure Security in business units is the direct responsibility of managers at all levels of management;
  • comply with the Safety requirements - the responsibility of all employees of the Integra Group;
  • openly demonstrate the goals, plans and results of activities in the field of Security to all interested parties;
  • comply with legal and any other requirements applicable to our business activities.
Our Security Principles:
  • set goals, plan work and integrate security issues into the management decision-making system at all levels of management;
  • continually improve processes and performance wherever possible;
  • create favorable conditions for targeted identification and reduction of risks to life, health and the environment;
  • use the positive experience of our customers to minimize production risks, rational use of resources, and also inform them about our requirements in the field of Safety when choosing suppliers and contractors;
  • establish, measure and evaluate Safety indicators, as well as conduct self-assessment of compliance with established external and internal requirements.
By adopting this Policy, we set ourselves the task of constantly developing and improving the Safety Management System as a tool for implementing the Principles and Obligations of this Policy, as well as contributing to the creation of such an atmosphere in which all employees of the Integra Group of Companies will share our commitment to ensuring Safety at work.
Our Security Commitments: