Our employees are the key asset of the Company, ready to show high production results and achieve their goals in difficult competitive conditions. Integra Group maintains an environment that promotes maximum team efficiency and unlocking the potential of each employee, which allows the Group to attract and retain talented and highly qualified specialists.

If you are ready to join the Integra team, wish to realize your professional ambitions, please send your CVs to: HR@integra.ru

Integra Group appreciates in its employees the qualities that help the Group improve its efficiency and achieve strategic goals: innovative thinking, adaptability to change, perseverance, focus on results, commitment to teamwork, cross-functionality and innovation.

Integra Group strives to become an attractive employer:
  • certification of enterprises according to international standards ISO 9001, API Spec Q1;
  • providing employees with a competitive social package;
  • reducing unwanted staff turnover through the development of systems of material and non-material motivation;
  • lack of discrimination on any grounds;
  • vocational training and professional development.

Integra Group in its production activities is committed to the principles of impeccable compliance with the rules of industrial safety, labor protection and environmental protection, quality standards for products and services.
The company certainly supports and encourages a healthy lifestyle of its employees. Sports and cultural corporate events are the most important factor that unites and unites the Company's team.

The Company supports and develops the professional training of its employees, expands cooperation with leading higher and secondary specialized educational institutions to attract talented youth. The mentoring system helps both in the professional development of young professionals, and in recognition of merit and retention of experienced employees.
Integra Group develops a corporate culture that helps to maintain the involvement and loyalty of employees at a high level. Satisfaction and engagement surveys are regularly conducted at the Group's enterprises, based on the results of which corrective actions are developed and implemented.

Integra Group strives for such a system for managing the organizational potential of personnel that makes it possible to attract and retain talented, highly qualified specialists, develops personnel potential and continuity of generations.
Personnel policy
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