Integra MENA is a leading independent provider of diversified oil services and integrated solutions for the oil and gas industry in the Middle East.
Integra MENA, headquartered in Dubai, UAE, has a strategic distribution in key oil and gas producing countries of the Middle East: UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq (North), Saudi Arabia, Pakistan.
Customers-partners of Integra Names are the following international oil companies: ADNOC, Schlumberger, PetroleumDevelopmentOman, OilServ, KuwaitOilCompany, SaudiArabianOilCompany, OccidentalPetroleumCorporation, GibcaPetroleumServices DS, AlMazrouiGroup, EasternDrillingServices DS, Shell, Exxonmobil.
Our company adheres to the best-in-class international standards of corporate governance, financial reporting and operational transparency.

The main stages of development
Integra Mena was founded in 2013 in DMC Free Zone, Dubai, UAE.
After registration with the first customer – ADNOC (UAE) in 2014, the team visited the Russian Federation and conducted an audit on the NNB, as well as in the field of production and from the OOS PB.
In 2015, contracts were signed with ADNOC for retraining in NB (4 wells) and core sampling (3 wells), which were successfully completed the following year. In parallel, in 2016, an agreement was signed with PDO for ODA on turboburries in Oman (5 works have been carried out to date).
In 2017, Integra Mena won a long-term (3+2 years) tender in ADNOC for core selection.
2018 was the beginning of a project to lease a VZD for SLB/OXY in Oman, the first sales of VNIIBT equipment to Iraq.
In 2019, Integra Mena signed an agreement on the Federal Law of VNIIBT with ADNOC, the first sales of VNIIBT equipment to Kuwait began, and a project for renting a VCD for RAY/PDO in Oman was launched.

Countries of presence and supply of equipment:
  • UAE;
  • Oman;
  • Kuwait;
  • Iraq (north).

List of customers:
  • ADNOC;
  • Schlumberger;
  • Oman Oil Development;
  • RAY International Oil and Gas;
  • Western Oil;
  • Oil service;
  • Kuwaiti company

The main directions of international business can be divided into 3 directions:
1) Service services:
  • Qualification for NSB and Core for ADNOC.
  • Qualification in Cementing for ADNOC (in the process of implementation).
  • The core selection contract for ADNOC to join Abu Dhabi (3+2 years), started in August 2017.
  • Turbine Drilling Contract with PDO (2015-present).
  • VNIIBT VZD Prequalification Agreement for ADNOC (VZD+Chisels+Staff).
2) Equipment rental:
  • Rent a VZD for SLB/NITRIC OXIDE in Oman.
  • Rent a VCD for LUCH/PDO in Oman.
  • Rent VZD for customers in the UAE (HAL, WTF).
3) Sales of VNIIBT equipment:
  • Sales of circulation translators + spare parts in Iraq.
  • Sales of Oscillators + Spare Parts in Iraq.
  • Sales of circulation translators + spare parts to Kuwait.

Types of services and products provided:

Service services:
  • Core sampling services
  • Directional Drilling / Measurements during drilling / Production drilling
  • Drilling tool rental
  • Pumping services such as cementing
  • Coil Pipe Services
  • Well testing
  • Well monitoring and downhole stationary systems
  • Slickline Services
  • Automated intelligent drilling system "i-Drill"
  • Hydraulic fracturing

  • Downhole drilling engines
  • Drilling turbines
  • Drilling and fishing hydraulic and hydromechanical banks, accelerators
  • Packers and clamps of the cementing stage
  • Equipment for hanging liners
  • Core sampling equipment
  • Equipment and accessories for drill strings and casing strings
  • Attack submarines
  • Multi - turn submarines
  • Generators
  • Sliding equipment
  • Borehole sensors and well monitoring systems
  • Hydraulic fracturing equipment

Experience and achievements:
Experience working for leading Middle East operating companies in 2014.
Understanding market specifics, customer requirements, equipment operating conditions.
The first company from the Russian Federation to receive a qualification and a long-term contract from ADNOC (UAE).
Successful completion of ADNOC audits in Russia and the UAE.
Experience gained in operating VNIIBT equipment in the Middle East region – 293259ft (146 sections) have been drilled at the SLB/OXY project in Oman since 02/2018; all core work = 100% rock removal (5680 ft, 23 wells selected).
Availability of a fleet of equipment and spare parts in the region.
Staff with experience in the region.
Availability of regional spare parts warehouses (Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi).

Development Potential:
The main strategy of the company's development is to increase the portfolio of products sold and services provided. Increase in the countries of presence and customer base. It is planned to accelerate the expansion of the rental equipment fleet in the region, create its own service center for repair and maintenance of equipment in 2020, obtain ADNOC qualifications for Cementing services and participate in tenders.
On October 14, 2019, representatives of Integra Mena took part in the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), where a Memorandum of Cooperation with SaudiAramco was signed. Work is underway to localize the production of drilling tools (VZ and yas) on the territory of Saudi Arabia.

Mission and values
Our mission:
  • We strive to be at the forefront of competition in the oilfield services market, consistently increasing the Company's long-term value and value for money for our customers, providing world-class performance and maintaining a strong reputation in the industry. We maintain the highest standards in technology, operations, management, cost optimization and environmental management, value our employees and the environment.
Core Values:
  • Efficiency.
  • Partnership.
  • Long-term profitability.
  • Responsibility for people and the environment.

Our vision is based on the following aspiration:
  • to maintain long-term reliable relationships with our traditional customers and attract new ones.
  • stand out in a competitive market and create a strong brand.
  • achieve excellence in business through continuous development of personnel and knowledge.
  • create sustainable and profitable growth and expansion of the company in the long term.
  • move forward through the effective use of internal and external resources.
  • setting and achieving goals.

Our vision is based on the following aspiration:
  • Market share growth.
  • Increase in revenue and profitability.
  • Increasing investments in fixed assets and technologies.
  • Improve productivity and cost efficiency.
  • Create or identify new opportunities in the market.
  • Diversify and hedge risks by: expanding activities in foreign markets, aggressive growth of existing business lines in the short term and the development of new directions, customer diversification.

Contact information:
Address: Unit No: 1522 DMCC Business Centre Level No.1, Jewellery&Gemplex 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 93895