Drilling Services
Our company provides a full range of services for engineering and technological support of drilling bits:

• preparation and coordination of tool development programs;
• selection of a rational combination of "bit-motor" for each drilling area based on previous experience;
• delivery and removal of drill bits and motors to production facilities, provision of all necessary additional tools (wrenches for bits, gauge rings, spare nozzles, etc.);
• preparation of a daily summary for each facility;
• engineering control and issuance of recommendations during the drilling process (selection of drilling mode parameters);
• analysis of all facts of deviation from the normal mode of operation;
• preparation and approval of reports on the operation of bits and engines;
• maintenance of a database on drill bits, analysis of technical and economic indicators, issuance of recommendations for further improvement of the drilling process;
• preparation of periodic reports and presentations for the Customer on the results of joint work.

Repair and maintenance of equipment are carried out in BPO laboratories in Buzuluk and Nizhnevartovsk.
The laboratories are equipped with all the necessary equipment for the production of a high-quality and complete cycle of repair and maintenance of both downhole instruments (including the PWR resistivity meter) and surface equipment.
For maintenance and testing of devices, the following is used:
- vibration stand (checking TMS for vibration loads);
- hydraulic bench (checking the pulsator body for external pressure (imitation of well conditions));
- evacuation station (membrane integrity check, evacuation and filling of pulsators with oil);
- dynamometer (solenoid testing).