Well Workover and Servicing
Integra offers a wide range of well survey services:
• Hydrodynamic studies of wells
• Geological field research of wells
• Geophysical research of wells (GIS)
• Utilization of well products by incineration
• Treatment of the bottomhole formation zone

Hydrodynamic studies of wells:
• Hydrodynamic and field exploration of wells;
• Measurement of well production and consumption;
• Development of wells with a jet pump;
• Installation of permanent well control systems;
• Tracer research;
• Bringing wells to production;
• Well testing after drilling;
• Services of a chemical-analytical laboratory;
• HMO;
• Chemicalization of oil production processes;
Hydrodynamic studies are carried out on the operating well stock to clarify the geological structure of the reservoir in the well drainage zone (determination of geological heterogeneities and reservoir boundaries), determine the filtration characteristics of the reservoir, assess the change (contamination) of filtration properties in the bottomhole zone, and evaluate the energy properties of the reservoir.

SIAM, a member of the Integra Group of Companies, has been operating on the market since 1990, having achieved a leading position in the provision of services and equipment for hydrodynamic and geological field surveys of wells. The company performs research for Customers throughout Russia. The geography of activity includes more than 10 branches and production sites of service units in Western and Eastern Siberia, the European part of Russia and in the south of the country, as well as on about. Sakhalin.

Geological field research of wells
Field studies of wells are carried out at production and injection wells of the operational well stock to solve the following tasks:
• technological control of the well operation and evaluation of the operation of elements of underground equipment,
• to control the development of reservoirs in the displacement of oil or gas,
• assessment of the state of well production in the operating wellbore,
• technical control of the state of the well, clarification of the position of the structural elements.
Well logging (GIS)

Integra provides all types of geophysical well survey (GIS) services:
• Logging in open and cased wellbore;
• Geological and technological studies (GTI) and mud logging;
• Perforating-explosive and emergency works;
• Interpretation of log data;
To perform geophysical surveys in the open hole of drilling wells, the complex modular digital downhole equipment "LOGIS" and "MEGA" is used, which allows logging in one run. In wells with horizontal completion, geophysical surveys are carried out using AMK "ALMAZ-2" and equipment manufactured by "Neftegazgeofizika" (Tver), the complexes operate offline with delivery on drill pipes. The company uses a wide range of certified products from leading manufacturers of perforating systems, such as DYNA Energetics, PerfoTech, Promperforator, Bashvzryvtekhnologiya, VNIPIvzryvgeofizika and others. and analysis of GEOTECH data.
All geophysical instruments and equipment regularly undergo metrological verifications and tests and comply with the requirements of current quality standards.