Catching and emergency work
The group for the implementation of fishing services, created at the production division of VNIIBT-Burovoy Instrument LLC, today is a unique example of a link between a company that manufactures equipment and companies that operate it.

The specialists of the fishing service group solve the following tasks:
• Performing a full range of services to eliminate the accident: from project development and selection of equipment to work under the supervision of a specialist.
• Reducing the cost of maintaining personnel for maintenance, restoration, repair, instrument flaw detection, certification of control equipment.
• Operational system of ordering, manufacturing and delivery of fishing equipment to any region.

Fishing and emergency services include:
• Selection and issuance for temporary use of fishing tools to eliminate accidents in wells.
• Engineering support of operations with a tool issued for temporary use.
• Analysis of the emergency situation at the well with the development of rational methods for using fishing tools in relation to the conditions of the customer based on our own methods.
• Provision of a complete set of fishing tools and engineering support.
• Rental and project services.
• Design and creation of a specific tool for eliminating non-standard accidents at wells.