Well drilling system iDrill
The history of the creation of an automated well drilling system "iDrill".
In 2001, the Perm branch of VNIIBT decided to create an automated drilling system for the PDM, in 2015 they launched a project within the Integra group of companies, and in 2016 they already carried out successful pilot work.

Currently, we are part of the Well Exploration and Mechanical Engineering block of the Integra Group of Companies.

The main activities of our company:

1. Development, production and modernization of automated drilling systems.
2. Engineering support when using an electronic automated drilling system.
3. Scientific research of automation systems for drilling oil and gas wells.
4. Training on specialized programs for engineering and technical workers of Oil and Gas Production Companies and drilling and service companies.

On November 1, 2019, we reached the first anniversary figure in the scope of our work!
To date, 100 wells have been drilled on the territory of the Russian Federation using Russian automated intelligent drilling systems of the iDrill series! This is not an automatic counter of virtual wells embedded on the company's website, but real work performed using Russian automated intelligent drilling systems of the iDrill series.

Already today, and this is only for 10 months, the growth in the volume of work in relation to the previous year is 400%. This became possible thanks to the accumulated long-term experience and professional work of equipment maintenance engineers, employees of the research and production center in Perm, and project coordinators. To date, the pool of our Customers has grown to 14 oil and gas producing and drilling companies!

Today, Russian automated intelligent drilling systems of the iDrill series are a tool for the quality work of an enterprise that looks to the future, regardless of its scale.

"iDrill" is a unified automated complex for drilling rigs with any type of drawworks brake control (mechanical or "joystick"), consisting of a set of high-precision sensors, a control cabinet and an operator touch panel. All equipment is ground, in essence it is a "cruise control" of the drilling rig.

"iDrill-Horizon" is an automated complex consisting of a controller and an operator panel, connected to the top power drive system. The Horizon system is used only on drilling rigs equipped with a power top drive (SVP). The horizon is unified for use on any SVP, regardless of the brand and manufacturer.

It is expedient to use with a large length of sections of the open hole of the NSS (directional wells) and horizontal sections of wells more than 1000m, without the use of rotary-controlled systems (RSS).

  • Reducing risks when using iDrill-Horizon:
  • Reducing the possibility of getting differential sticking
  • The drill string is in constant controlled rotation
  • Prevents PDM stops
  • Reduction of the probability of tool “hanging” with subsequent stall, PDM stop and pressure surge.
  • Prevents the possibility of loosening the thread of the drilling tool
  • The system works within the specified torque limits for tightening threaded connections. If the allowable values are exceeded, the system notifies the driller and then uses a special work algorithm.
  • No equipment required in the BHA
  • Horizon - a system designed to work on the surface, eliminates the possibility of sticking and unplanned trips.

To date, Integra-Technologies LLC has the largest and most modern fleet of drilling process automation systems in the Russian Federation.