Directed drilling
Our directional drilling teams use state of the art MWD/LWD telemetry systems to drill deviated and horizontal wells. To ensure the safety and efficiency of work and provide complete information to the Customer, Integra uses specialized world-class software and real-time data transmission systems. In addition to directional drilling, Integra provides its own bit and BHA services.

Directional drilling services include:
• Design of the well profile and downhole assemblies;
• Calculation and provision of the entire complex of the bottom of the drill string: bits, downhole motors, non-magnetic drill collars, jars, calibrators, centralizers, check and overflow valves, subs;
• Selection of a PDM with optimal energy characteristics;
• Optimization of drilling modes depending on the mining and geological conditions and the drilling equipment used;

Provision of telemetry equipment with hydraulic and electromagnetic communication channels in the following configurations:
• Inclinometry (MWD);
• Inclinometry + gamma (MWD + Gamma);
• Inclinometry + gamma + resistivity (MWD + LWD);
• Carrying out logging during drilling;
• Analysis of geomechanical properties of rocks;
• Optimization of the trajectory of the wellbore depending on the physical characteristics of the pay horizon;
• Integration of technologies and equipment;
• Engineering and technological support of the entire well construction cycle;
• 24-hour operational and technological control over the work of field parties from a single center in real time;
• Management of well construction;