Drilling Rig Repair and Upgrade
We provide a wide range of services for the repair and modernization of drilling rigs:
• service maintenance of top drive systems "Kenrig", "Tesco";
• starting-up and adjustment works;
• power installation works;
• service maintenance of drilling mud cleaning systems;
• production of RTI;
• repair of electrical equipment (including electric motors up to 100 kW);
• anti-corrosion treatment of metal structures;
• elimination of emergencies during drilling of oil and gas wells;
• overhaul and current repair of drilling equipment;
• carrying out control of equipment, materials and welded joints by non-destructive methods, thermal imaging and vibration diagnostics;
• Modernization of drilling rigs (equipment of drilling rigs with a top drive system, transfer to cluster drilling);
• steam and water supply;
  • • logistics (including fuels and lubricants).