Downhole equipment
The branch of LLC "VNIIBT-Drilling Tool" in Kotovo, part of the Integra Group of Companies, produces a wide range of downhole tools:
  • elements of casing and drill strings.
  • hydraulic shock mechanisms.
  • calibrators, centralizers.
  • overhead shock absorbers.
  • yasi.
  • cutting devices.
  • fishing tools and other downhole equipment.
For drilling with core sampling, the company produces and sells core receiving devices of the following series:
  • "Nedra" - for uncomplicated drilling conditions.
  • "Cambrian" - for drilling conditions in loose weakly cemented and fractured rocks.
  • Silur - for drilling in conditions complicated by scree and landslides.
  • "Tengiz" - for drilling in conditions complicated by oil and gas occurrences and absorption of washing liquid in rocks with high reservoir properties.