Circulation subs, oscillator
Circulation Translator
Scope of application:
Supply of acids, fillers and colmatants to the face bypassing the elements of the BHA;
Well development in conditions of loss of circulation during absorption;
Cleaning of the borehole due to increased flow.
Simplicity of the control algorithm and operation control.
High MCI.
Operating temperature up to 150 °C.
The circulation translator has passed field tests.
Designed to create low-amplitude oscillations on the KNBC, contributing to the reduction of friction forces, improving the loading of the chisel, reducing torsional stresses in the column.
Reduced pressure drop.
The carbide valve pair of the pressure pulse generator.
Low-speed high-speed working pair with a capacity of ½.
The possibility of unification of the elements of the longitudinal displacement generator with overhead shock absorbers.