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LLC "VNIIBT - Drilling Tool", part of the Integra group of companies, is the oldest and one of the largest manufacturers of screw downhole engines and turbos in Russia, including geared turbos. VNIIBT-BI employees are proud of the fact that it was they who invented the multi-stroke screw downhole engine in 1966, and in 1978-1983, the deepest well in the world – 12,262 m - was drilled on the Kola Peninsula with the help of turbo drills manufactured by VNIIBT-BI. And today, new developments in the field of oilfield equipment, implemented by a highly professional team of designers, provide the Integra group of companies with a leading position in the industry.
Our product line includes more than 120 different models of screw engines and more than 30 models of turbochargers, including those designed for high-temperature wells. 47 patents are used in the production of our products. The distribution network covers Russia, CIS countries, Asia and North America.