We provide Coiled Tubing services using state-of-the-art equipment in all regions of the Russia. Our Operations Support Bases are located in the Western Siberia.

  • Post frac well cleaning and kick off with nitrogen;
  • Hydrate and paraffin deposits cleaning and hot oiling;
  • Bottom hole circulation and cleaning w/o well killing;
  • Sealing cross flows behind casing in horizontal wells and sidetracks;
  • Cement plug setting and well abandonment, selected perforated intervals plugging and abandonment;
  • Cement drilling out in a cased hole and well deepening with open hole completion;
  • Through-tubing and through-casing fishing;
  • CT-logging in horizontal wells and sidetracks;
  • BHT (acid, solvent, caustic);
  • Selective formation treatment;
  • Foam kick-off;
  • Nitrogen kick-off using nitrogen generated on-site by N2 generation membrane unit. Nitrogen can be used for pipeline testing;
  • Hydraulic jet perforation.