Our directional drilling crews use state-of-the-art MWD/LWD telemetry systems to drill deviated and horizontal wells. To ensure safe, efficient operations and in order to provide full information to the customer, Integra utilizes industry-leading software and real-time data transfer. Directional drilling services are complemented with in-house drill bit and Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) services.

Integra offers the following directional drilling services:

  • Well and BHA design;
  • Provision with the lower part of BHA: drilling bits, mud motors, non-magnetic drill collars, jars, stabilizers, centralizers, check valves and excess flow valves, subs;
  • PDM selection;
  • Drilling practice optimization based on geological factor and available drilling tools;
  • Provision with mud pulse and electromagnetic telemetry systems in the following configurations:
    • MWD
    • MWD+Gamma
    • MWD+Gamma + resistivity tool;
  • LWD;
  • Geomechanics analyses;
  • Well path optimization based on reservoir physical properties;
  • Equipment and technologies integration;
  • 24-hours real-time monitoring of field crews operation from one center;
  • Well construction management.