Fishing Service Sales Team established under VNIIBT-Drilling Tools structure is the unique example of a link between tools manufacturer and users.

The roles and responsibilities of the Fishing Service Sales Team are:

  • Perform the full range of downhole failure remedy services: from design development and tools selection to conducting fishing operations under supervision of a fishing specialist;
  • Decrease personnel costs (i.e. personnel in charge of tools operation, servicing, repair, NDT and certification);
  • Ensure fishing equipment timely order, manufacturing and delivery to any region.

Integra offers the following fishing services:

  • Fishing tools selection and provision for temporary use;
  • Fishing supervision;
  • Accident analyses and development of the customized fishing procedures based on in-house procedures;
  • Provision with the complete set of fishing tools and fishing supervision;
  • Fishing tools and WO crew rental services;
  • Non-standard fishing tools design and manufacturing.