Integra offers a wide range of well testing and logging services:

  • Well Testing;
  • Downhole Logging;
  • Well Logging;
  • Well production disposal via burning;
  • Bottom Hole Treatment (BHT).

Well Testing

Integra offers a wide range of well testing services:

  • Well testing and downhole logging;
  • Well flow rate and injection rate testing;
  • Well kickoff with jet pump;
  • Permanent well monitoring systems installation;
  • Tracer testing;
  • Bringing wells to stable production;
  • Post drilling well testing;
  • Chemical laboratory;
  • BHT;
  • Oil production facilities inhibition.

Well tests are performed in development wells to improve reservoir understanding at well drainage area (to define geological heterogeneity and boundaries of the reservoir), define filtration characteristics, evaluate change in flow properties at bottom hole area and evaluate the reservoir energy.

SIAM Company (Integra Group), one of the leading providers of well testing and downhole logging services and products in Russia, has been working in the market since 1990. The Company provides its services across the whole Russia. Our geographical footprint includes more than 10 branches and manufacturing facilities located in the Western and Eastern Siberia, European and Southern Russia and in Sakhalin Island.

Downhole logs are run in producers and injectors to:

  • Control well operation and evaluate downhole equipment performance;
  • Control recovery at oil or gas displacement;
  • Evaluate production in operating wellbore;
  • Control well integrity and update location of design details.

Well Logging

Integra offers a complete range of logging services:

  • Open hole and cased hole logging;
  • Logging during well workover and reservoir management studies;
  • Mud logging
  • Perforation and downhole failure remediation;
  • Log data interpretation.

To run drilling well open hole logging we use LOGIS and MEGA logging tools, enabling to log in one trip. In horizontal wells we run log using velocity logging tool ALMAZ-2 and autonomous modules manufactured by Neftegazgeofizika (Tver). This drill pipe conveyed tool operates off-line. We conduct well logging during WO and reservoir management studies using conventional cable, “rigid” cable and coiled tubing conveyed tools. We use a wide range of the certified perforation products of the leading manufacturers, such as DYNA Energetics, PerfoTekh, Promperforator, Bashvzryvtekhnologia, VNIPIvzryvgeofizika and etc. We run mud logging and perform surface geochemical surveys using GEOTEK Data Gathering, Processing and Analyses Package.

100% logging tools and instrumentation are being calibrated and tested on a regular basis and comply with the applicable quality standards.