Integra drills oil and gas wells of different design, purpose and complexity:

  • Exploration and appraisal wells;
  • Directional wells;
  • Horizontal wells;
  • Low-angle wells;
  • Ultradeep wells;
  • Extended-reach wells;
  • Sidetracks.

Our company has been involved in drilling HPHT vertical wells with the depth more than 7,000 m; horizontal wells with more than 7,000 m displacement and 1,500 m horizontal section; multilateral horizontal wells with more than 5,000 m displacement and horizontal section 800 – 1,500 m.

We are one of the few companies in Russia to offer specialized drilling service known as sidetracking. Sidetracking requires the use of customized mobile drilling rigs with lifting capacity of approximately 100 to 160 tons, of which there are currently few available in Russia..

Our rig fleet comprises drilling rigs of different lifting capacity, including mobile, skid-mounted and pad mounted drilling rigs. Based on the project requirements the rigs are equipped with TDS, closed loop four-stage Solids Control System, high capacity triplex pumps, etc.